ScienceSlides testimonials

ScienceSlides is used my many people around the world, below are a few examples of what they are saying.

  • "Thanks for slides. Good job!"

    LK, London, UK

  • "I have seen them used in a presentation by a colleague and I was very impressed. "

    Anna, Stockholm

  • "I have received ScienceSlides 2011 and love it!"

    Jeff, JHSM, Baltimore

  • "We have been using ScienceSlides for some time with great satisfaction and want to upgrade to 2007 edition."

    - Renee, Rochester, MN

  • "I have seen them used in a presentation by a colleague and I was very impressed."

    - Anna, Stockholm, Sweden

  • "I like the slides contents for their thoroughness."

    - Tom, Cornell University

  • "Your slides are beautiful."

    - Mauricio, San Diego

  • "Thank you for making useful slides."

    - Nobuharu, Tokyo

  • "I shall suggest ScienceSlides to my colleagues."

    - Pat, UCSF

  • "I've been pretty computer/Powerpoint savvy for a while but making great slides has always been a little time consuming. This software aids in that process so much!"

    - David, UNC

  • "I love your ScienceSlides. It makes teaching and writing so much easier! "

    - Jennifer, Baylor College of Medicine

  • "Incredibly useful for my lectures"

    - Rick, UNC

  • "Your slides look fantastic and very professional."

    - Sylvia, Gainesville

  • "We are having a lot of fun with this software. It is so perfect for what we do."

    - Terry, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston

  • "I had a look through some of these slides and they look great - really professional."

    - Cris, University of Melbourne

  • "I recently purchased your ScienceSlides suite of made-for-Powerpoint images and I am excited about using them in my classroom and in my writing."

    - Harold, Claremont, CA

  • "We ordered ScienceSlides and love them; we want to order another set for 5 users."

    - Lucy, Rochester, MN

  • "I wanted to let you know that I truly have enjoyed your new program. I have always had to create these types of powerpoints on my own."

    - Donna, OMRF, Oklahoma

  • "I have received ScienceSlides 2010 and love it!"

    - Jeff, JHSM, Baltimore. MD

  • "I love this product."

    - Paul, Rochester, MN


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