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The addin will not appear

With the release of Office 2010, you have the option of choosing either 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Office when you install. Each addin for Office needs to match the Office installation as a 32-bit addin will not work with 64-bit Office (or vice versa). Currently there are two different installs for ScienceSlides on each CD (and download). One install is for Office64-bit and the other is for Office32-bit (and all older versions of Office). Just choose the corresponding install that matches your version of Office to install ScienceSlides. The ScienceSlides objects are in vector graphics and fully editable within Win or Mac PowerPoint.


What is the download format on ScienceSlides Online?

Downloaded PowerPoint slides are in vector graphics and in ppt or pptx format, and independent of Win or Mac operating systems. They are compatible with the newest Microsoft PowerPoint for both platforms and may be edited and modified by users as any PowerPoint slides. These slides may be opened also in Keynote, however, as with any other Microsoft PowerPoint slides (ppt or pptx), there may be some rare differences with color schemes, transparencies and shading. Same with PowerPoint animations, which are part of ScienceSlides Online and which are compatible with Keynote as well.

Each slide is downloaded as a compressed ZIP archive. Latest operating systems of both Windows and OS X have automatic ZIP un-archiving programs built in.


I have beautiful scientific slides and would like to try to sell them on ScienceSlides site. How can I do this?

First, your slides have to be 100% unique and contain no copyright protected material such as images or graphic elements. If this is acceptable, please give us a call or email us at and we'll be happy to set up an agreement with you and work on the details.


Who designed these slides?

For the most part we make our slides in-house. We've been working on ScienceSlides since 2003 and developed our unique "look and feel" that many scientists find very appealing. In addition, we also have a number of scientific consultants that are reviewing the scientific content of our slides. We're constantly adding and updating all of our slides and currently the content is exceeding 2400 slides and 4800 images and objects.


How is ScienceSlides Online content different from ScienceSlides Suite on CD?

Both products have the same content. Their only differences are: ScienceSlides Online is updated monthly and the content is accessed from your web browser, while ScienceSlides on CD is updated quarterly and browsed on your computer (and thus works without an internet connection). Most importantly, ScienceSlides Online pricing is dependent on the number of slides you intend to download and is convenient and economical when you need to download just a few slides.


License and copy-right related questions

How many slides I can use in oral presentations?

Users may use unlimited number of slides in their oral presentations, both in-house (on campus) and during external scientific conferences.


May I use ScienceSlides in printed and digital materials?

Visiscience allows licensed users for unlimited use of Visiscience Scienceslides in in-house (on campus) lectures and seminars, both in print as lecture handouts, and as on screen presentation materials. Licensed users may post ScienceSlides material in public places, such as posters or web sites, under condition that it cannot be copied or downloaded in a re-usable electronic form. Licensed user may post ScienceSlides objects & slides at the institutional internal web sites with restricted external access with the understanding that such access is limited to internal teaching purposes and cannot be accessed from the outside of the particular teaching course (individual license) or outside of the institution (institutional license) by unauthorized public. Licensed users are also allowed to use, without obtaining written permission from VisiScience Corp., up to 5 images (slides) in their printed and digital work, such as scientific publications in periodic scientific journals. In such cases at least one author in the publication must be a licensed ScienceSlides user.


Are there restrictions for using Scienceslides from Visiscience?

Written permission must be obtained for the use of ScienceSlides objects by licensed users in books and book chapters and in any other printed and digital form that is aimed for commercial use. Unauthorized use of ScienceSlides objects, distribution of graphical objects and slides to third parties, allowing to use ScienceSlides by third party for further unauthorized use and for any commercial purposes is prohibited and violates US and International Copyright protection laws.


Should I acknowledge the use of Visiscience slides?

The acknowledgement of using Visiscience Scienceslides in oral presentations or in printed materials is not required though is highly encouraged. Proposed knowledgement texts: "Slides were prepared using ScienceSlides from Visiscience" or "Slides were generated using ScienceSlides graphics from Visiscience".



We are always open to suggestions. If you have 1 minute to spare we'd love to hear your thoughts on our products: ScienceSlides survey


Other Questions

For any technical or other support questions about ScienceSlides please contact Visiscience directly through either email or telephone.


Email Support Contact

You can contact VisiScience by email through


Phone Support Contact

You can also reach VisiScience through our phone number at 919-493-8996. Our support staff is ready Monday thru Friday 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM EST. It will greatly speed up the process if you indicate the following information (only relates to CD version of Scienceslides):

  • Which operating system you are running (ie., Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.6, etc).
  • Which version of Microsoft® Office® you are running (ie. Office 2011, Office 2010, Office 2007).
  • Which version of ScienceSlides you are using (ie. ScienceSlides 2015)
  • A description of any errors that are showing up or things that are not functioning.